Film Locations

Switzerland has always had close links with the international movie industry. From the beginning of the 20th century, when cinematography was still in its infancy, the country rapidly established itself as a favorite location with foreign film producers.

During the first 25 years, most film shoots took place outdoors. And Switzerland, with its combination of breathtaking natural beauty and picturesque towns and villages, was a natural choice for film makers from all over the world.

Nowadays Switzerland is to Bollywood what the Far East once was to Hollywood: an enticing paradise, heaven on earth. Bollywood, the greatest dream factory on the Indian subcontinent, is the most productive film industry in the world. The studios in and around Bombay bring over 800 productions per year to the screen. In comparison, Hollywood manages only 600. Lush Alpine meadows, white peaks, shiny railways and picturesque chalets make the ideal setting for Bollywood stars singing their tuneful declarations of love. Switzerland, with its impeccable infrastructure and its mountains, has become a very popular movie location. And now more feet of film are shot per year in Switzerland by Indian film crews than by native ones. So Switzerland has long been a fantasy focus in the everyday life of Indian film fans (and given the audience figures you could simplify that by saying in everyday Indian life): as a mixture of the national clichés that are known all over the world and the images of longing that Bollywood films project on to the Swiss Alpine meadows.