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PURE SWISS Launches into Whole Foods Market and Harmons

Monday, August 6th, 2012

San Francisco/Zurich, June 26th 2012 – PURE SWISS Inc, a Swiss-based imported premium mineral water brand has recently launched into Whole Foods Markets in Northern California as well as Harmons Grocery in Utah.

“We are excited to have PURE SWISS in Whole Foods Market and Harmons as the combination of the launch of these stores represents a great opportunity for the company to reach new clientele which in turn strengthens and validates PURE SWISS in the premium mineral water space,” said Alex Fries, CEO of PURE SWISS.

PURE SWISS matches up well with the values of Whole Foods Market and Harmons in the belief of providing high quality natural and organic products, satisfying customers, caring about communities, the environment, and promoting health. “We believe that these customers will appreciate PURE SWISS’ quality, authenticity, sustainability and the fact that our bottling plant uses ecological electricity,” added Fries.

PURE SWISS is bottled according to organic standards. PURE SWISS is all-natural, nothing is enhanced, has an alkaline pH of 8.2 and is full of natural minerals that contribute to an overall healthy well-being.

About Whole Foods Market
Founded in 1980 in Austin, Texas, Whole Foods Market is the leading natural and organic food retailer and currently has more than 315 stores in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom.

About Harmons
Harmons is known for its unique grocery industry approach, which provides true value to its customers through fresh, local foods prepared by in-store chefs, artisans and experts; Utah’s Own products; and an aggressive sustainability program.

PURE SWISS Inc., a subsidiary of PURE SWISS Holding in Switzerland, is a privately held company in operation since early 2009. Its mission is to bring healthy refreshing mineral water straight from the prestine Swiss Alps to consumers worldwide. PURE SWISS mineral water available in both glass and PET is naturally alkaline, low in both sodium & nitrates, and contains an array of essential electrolytes – simply healthy and refreshing.

PURE SWISS is available in California and Utah, at leading supermarkets and natural food retailers such as Bristol Farms, Andronico’s, Berkeley Bowl, Draeger’s Markets, WholeFoods and Harmons. For more information on PURE SWISS please visit: